How magnificent you are

How magnificent you are. Superlatives are thrown at you like confetti. We honor the bravery you discovered within, held on to and took benefit from in the best imaginable way. During an emotional week that was in your face, looking for fragility and ignorance where it could burst in and manhandle you, you found the bright burning light of your inner guidance. You held on to it, nurtured it and trusted it with your whole being. Take a good look at the outcome. Look at the gifts it brought. Your heart, blast open and uncovered. Stunningly beautiful in its purity. Unshielded and clear like crystal. You’ve mastered it. The skill and valor of unconditional love. Lionhearted love. Infinite love. Your heart on the sleeve and not an ounce of fear or restrain. You’ve aced the master class end exams. Celebrate yourself in euphoria.

Take a step back, look at the greater picture. What brought you here, to this state? Give your thanks and gratitude to each and all involved, people touching you, coming as teachers, way showers and catalysts. Not always in the most pleasant and comfy ways. But examining it more closely, you’ll find it all well and good. Go beyond reacting and acting on a superficial level where the hurts and bad memories live in terror of being touched and uncovered.

Now when you’ve reached this new frequency level, savor it. There are no more lessons to be taught at the moment. No wounds you have to heal. No disguises to look at in detail.

This is all very new to you, sensations of your heart so raw and authentic, letting itself be known and heard. You feel the yearning and hunger for divine reunion with someone. You feel it seeking another heart to share its passion and tenderness with. It is not that you feel lonesome and cut in half. It is not a requirement that comes from lack or anguish. It is what you’ve bottled-up for a long time which now comes to light, unconditional love shared. This has not been available for you because you’ve not been ready, still in need of healing yourself. Loving yourself.

Now you stand ready, and the aching comes like a greased lightning. But instead of making you feel disconnected and unsettled, let it make you feel alive and real. Keep your peace, center yourself and what’s worth waiting for will make its entrance in your life before you know it.


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