The light hits you hard now

When light hits you this hard and indisputable, there is no more to complete. No more to transform. No more to heal. At least no more than superficial wounds that will mend by themselves if you let them. The fact that you could handle and receive this amount of high frequency light speaks volumes. The transmission capacity is beyond expectation. For some time now you’ve felt the yearning for information wearing off. You’ve stopped searching for confirmations.

What this really means is that you’re taking charge. Training wheels off. You leave insecurities and doubts by the doorstep and continue your confident walk, your enthusiastic strides. This is trust. Finally anchored in your own being. Finally comfortable with life in a light body. And the rewards are starting to pour down in your life.

What’s being revealed to you is that there is no way you can be a power bank without staying in your physical body. People often feel awkward living earthly lives once they’ve discovered the sensation of lighter densities. Living solely in the cosmic ether is seductive, but fuel misalignment and delusion. The balancing act is when you unite the earthly you with your ascended consciousness. You cannot experience your soul from any other place than your body. This is your gift as a human.

You feel the ascension symptoms throwing you out of yourself, everyday. Not all day, but every day. Still, the pains of ascension, the discomfort in your body is by no regards as harsh and tumultuous as it could be. Compared to what could be, this is going easy and merciful on you, but it hits you where it hurts the most, and the pain could feel like bringing hell into your life.

Your advantage in this is. Even though others have no trouble accepting their physical being as it is, they might not feel the absolute need to stay there. But it leaves you no choice but to be in your body, because you know that in order to heal you need to hold yourself down, down, down. Roots and core buried deep into the ground. That is the challenge.

By the time you have mastered this task, there will never be a single thing throwing you off course. The light hits you hard now. What a tremendous opportunity to let it hit you when being fully aligned in your tissues and bones. In your heart.


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