It is time to step inside

Now it resonates in you also, what we attempted to bring into your awareness. That you simply cannot separate yourself from your body. From your heart. You have felt the terror of living outside yourself, now even louder and closer than ever. On the surface the world is experienced as icy and unkind, not a place to prosper at all. Still, some parts of you resist to come home to the warmth of your inner being. You have experienced the pain and turbulence these last days, very disturbing. Very confusing. It hurts you, but not until now you fully recognize the source of it. The suffering arises from alienation and rejection.

When you drift away from your physical being, when you try to escape it – subconsciously or consciously, we tap on your shoulder to get your attention. Yes, your soul is yearning to go home, but you need to stay in your body. Only in your body you will accomplish anything and everything. Make peace with earthly you. Only here you can experience the expansion.

The aching stops now. We called for your attention, now we have it. Go back inside and make yourself comfortable and cozy. And stay there. Stay there no matter what happens superficially. Outer events will try to hurl you out of balance, this will always be the case. Make it your business to be unflinching. Ironclad. To create an inner environment of safety, love and nurturing. It will feel discomforting for a while. Allow it – this is disclosure movement.

The way you make your home so lovely and peaceful. Where you feel soothed, where you gather your strength for challenges to come. It is time to create that very same atmosphere inside of your self. It is by far the hardest part. Where the wounds linger, where guilt and shame still yells at you.

But you know now, it is not optional. It is essential. We offer you nothing but healing, and only in your heart the healing to dissolve it all can initiate. No more indecisiveness. No more compromise. Go.


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