So thin is the veil

So thin is the veil, touching your fingers. As soon as you sit down in silence and invite light you sense the rawness of power building around you, within you, aiming for you, reaching for your heart. Still, there is a layer of lower dimensional density lingering in your reality. Even though it cannot push you around and shovel you into its pathless labyrinths anymore, there is trifling and meddling with your mind. Give it none of your precious attention. You have reached immense heights within a very narrow time frame and your body requests allowance to adapt.

Now, just let yourself. Let yourself with your whole being. You are birthing new dimensions. Feel the sweeping change. Feel the desire to kneel down and kiss the earth that is cherishing you, carrying you, pulling you steady into the chest of Nova Gaia. As you allow and grow the proliferation of star seeds inside your being, you share your very own heart seeds with humanity.

You are not at risk of stumbling and falling on the finishing line. The outcome of this is predicted and predetermined since always and the road high and lightened. We know that the waiting can feel like a lifetime for you at times. You feel it so passionately, the instinct. Impatient and wired like a racehorse waiting in its gate, scraping its hoofs, snorting with fluttering nostrils. That is you. Let it happen, you beg. I am ready, I am there.

Yes, you nearly are. You walked through the gateway of 11:11 without restraint or conflict, chains and shackles off. Your loving trust, the most beautiful sight. The giving of your exposed heart to us. Our hands enclosing it ever so gently. Flushing, flooding, feeding it. Alchemical transformation. All you need to do is allow it to absorb the high frequency light – now even more crystalline and pure, you are ready and able to hold it steady. Light workers and change agents around you are linking their roots with yours, sharing their light. Join hands with them. Together you are becoming one humanitarian and your task on earth is a mighty one.



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