The quietness gathers around you

Yes, we recognize the distress and uncertainty you’re battling. The days start to merge and vanish in a rapid pace, running through your fingers. Still you feel like nothing ever changes, just this being trapped in limbo with no going forward, no movement at all really. Stuck in the birth canal. We tell you, this is the normal and even expected process. Make peace with it.

We never doubt your bravery, your capability to take action. You make a start just by sitting with us in peaceful accepting. This is such a gigantic leap that earns your acknowledging and cherishing. You have been a hell of a warrior for most of your lifetime on this Earth, but not fighting your own corner. Just fighting yourself. But no more of this exhaust. The cramping stops now. The quietness gathers around you and in you, but not in an ice-covered threatening way.

Hush now, and just hear it out. It thickens, but in a shielding and soothing way. You used to be so in the habit of focusing on the chattering. Being rational and trying to navigate from your mind. Now you start to appreciate the space. Form alliance with the void. Your continual getting-used-to transmuting into falling-in-love-with, so beautiful to watch. So you see, all we need to do is steer you, gently. Very, very gently. In the silence, answers live. You will start to receive messages from your intuition, which is our communication with you. At first you doubt these messages and question them. But little by little you start to trust. The messages become clearer and clearer. The silence will hold for you the answer to any question. And this is where excitement is initiated.

Do not misinterpret emptiness as stagnation and abandonment. This is a gift custom made for you. In the birth canal you are, but there are no blockage. No obstruction. There is gathering and receiving of light codes, wisdoms and skills to endure in a realm so perfectly laced and interweaved for your luminous, awakened self. As soon as you are equipped and prepared for birth, you will grasp your very first breath in grace. Heavenly instincts initiate. Valor sets conflict on fire. Anxiety submits to enthusiasm. You are assisting it so well by just accepting. The price has been paid and harming painful abyss is annulled.

Things have advanced and evolved for far to long for steps to be taken on the wrong path. You are far beyond that. There is just a matter of trust and letting go. Allow the tenderness we hold for you to extend in the most abundant and loving way. That is all we want for you. Later on we can interconnect in detail. For you to know at present, is this: you are held, protected and guided in the right direction, in the only direction. You are parting from darkness when welcoming light. You are refusing fear when allowing love.



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