Oh darling

Oh darling, let us clear your vision. Albeit the shackles of past and useless thinking are off, crumpled paradigms thicken before they fail. The smooth elegy of elapsed times fades off but the melancholies of letting it all go cries out its heartache. How you feel it: flat and downright turmoil. Swimming in the dark of life with the filthy, stinking wreckages stuck as tar and feathers. Let us tell you how it is. Let us give you this. Take a good look in the mirror. Don’t be shy. This is you. This is fearless flamboyant you.

Pay homage to yourself. This is your final build up of the crescendo to new horizons. What you’ve achieved during this straying in the dark, with nothing to hold onto but your unfailing intuition, is beyond brilliance. Cover-ups come to light. You’ve put your trust completely in our work with you. You’ve seen the silver lining and given your thanks to it. You have shown a stride worth exalting to the sky. The sweetness of what’s in the making, you can sense the flavors on the palate now. Nearly there. Little dances of celebration inside of you, no more strangulation in old sickness.

We inquire you to soak in this bliss. The context, everything makes sense to you all of a sudden. You have felt the riot wearing off, preparing its termination. You know you are so beyond half-measures and tip-toing. You’ve built up a rock solid strength during months, even years. Still, the last few days it’s been clear to you, that things are done for you and not to you. You will be the maverick, maybe even a lone wolf wandering your new inner Earth. This is not for the faint of heart. Yes, sanguine days are unfolded as you keep walking. You will be the libertine, aiming for the stars. Let them fall, the ruins. They are not putting up fight anymore, still you remember them as cumbersome and unable to defeat. Warlike and ferocious, coming for you with jaws wide open.

You’ve been crestfallen in what you felt was an existence of debris. No you know it was living in nothingness. False evidence appearing real. What you have in front of you is relief in times of distress, and the burdens you carried seek release. Flay off the skin of past illusions. Let things intensify and culminate. To sweep by like the hot passionate kiss of cashmere lips. You’ve seen nadir, now this is your zenith. Do not fret. Living with your heart on the sleeve is not a life in defenselessness. It is life on leading edge. Dare to love loudly with the silence of your being.



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