This is the time

This is the time to take a giant plunge within. To dive deep and courageously into what is yet enigmatic. To stop listening to the whispering and muttering games of the mind, the harshness and projections voiced by society and the patriarch reality. This is the time to let it all go, effortlessly. To stop the bargaining and the debating.

This is what you used to do in order to maintain what you thought was yours to protect. Digging in like a tick, so fearful of losing your sense of self. There have been doubt and distrust, yes. Whether this is a safe road to walk down. Whether we are faithfully there to catch you and keep you shielded. We let you know, every day, that you are flourishing. You see the season change and leaves falling painlessly, landing smoothly on the ground to merge with earth. Do you see a leaf battle this letting go? Is a tree clinging onto the leaves in distress and panic? This is a reflection of yourself.

Today you look upon yourself with eyes crystal clear and heart blast open. We reach you now, as true-tellers and forerunners, with influx of bliss. We breathe the delicate love into you, as we watch you absorb the high frequency energy. Farms of light are rooted. Elements of love are initiated. We see you flashing on and off faster and faster, as matter, as light. We celebrate how open and receptive you are. So the pouring in continues without any restraint. Now you know, loosing it is a good thing. It is a necessity for the evolving to continue.

Finally you can watch this process in peace. Even in love. Yes, you see the unfolding continuing, at immense speed. Things moving faster instant-by-instant. There are no blockages, no interference. The energies are just tuning in, gathering around you more intensely, ready to penetrate you. This feels awkward at times, but you bear it so well now. It is almost like you’re unafraid to be walking light. To be the new humankind embodied. You will travel so eloquently and smoothly into further realms.

When you sit in meditation you feel us immediately coming to your aid. We stroke your shoulders, heating the cells to the very core. We run up and down your meridians, your veins, your nerve plexus, the branching networks of the smallest arterioles. We send hormonal signal substances through the clear liquids surrounding your organs, flooding your tissues. We send elusive and intricate knowledge to every nucleolus in your being, the data transmitted directly from us to you. This is a continuing process and has been for quite a while. The only difference is, now this is unmistakable to you. You have witnessed it and you have most undoubtedly been touched by it. There are only beneficial outcomes for you. Allow yourself entrance into knowledge that goes beyond self and memory. We dare you to live this, as the sovereign being you were born into. Live this spherically. In every direction possible.

Soon you will be able to receive the information even more perceptively. For now there is just a matter of letting go of cramping, restricting, limiting beliefs and thought patterns still lingering in you. Albeit, they are at this point very superficial. Very undernourished. No more than ruins and remains. The last dying breath of what was. Do not fret, precious one. Things unfold and unravel in precise timing and pace.

When you go to sleep we are there at the blink of an eye, in a heartbeat. Sheltering, caressing and holding you safe. Persistently tender. We, the light beings that cradle you. Doing our work, manifesting and recover whatever you did not do during daytime. Enjoy these last days of cleansing. There is nothing uncertain about it anymore, there is nothing to fear and have never been. Now this is your truth also. We love you, and we are so delighted and overjoyed with what you’ve accomplished. Let us continue this sweet walk together.



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