The light hits you hard now

When light hits you this hard and indisputable, there is no more to complete. No more to transform. No more to heal. At least no more than superficial wounds that will mend by themselves if you let them. The fact that you could handle and receive this amount of high frequency light speaks volumes. The transmission capacity is beyond expectation. For some time now you’ve felt the yearning for information wearing off. You’ve stopped searching for confirmations.

What this really means is that you’re taking charge. Training wheels off. You leave insecurities and doubts by the doorstep and continue your confident walk, your enthusiastic strides. This is trust. Finally anchored in your own being. Finally comfortable with life in a light body. And the rewards are starting to pour down in your life.

What’s being revealed to you is that there is no way you can be a power bank without staying in your physical body. People often feel awkward living earthly lives once they’ve discovered the sensation of lighter densities. Living solely in the cosmic ether is seductive, but fuel misalignment and delusion. The balancing act is when you unite the earthly you with your ascended consciousness. You cannot experience your soul from any other place than your body. This is your gift as a human.

You feel the ascension symptoms throwing you out of yourself, everyday. Not all day, but every day. Still, the pains of ascension, the discomfort in your body is by no regards as harsh and tumultuous as it could be. Compared to what could be, this is going easy and merciful on you, but it hits you where it hurts the most, and the pain could feel like bringing hell into your life.

Your advantage in this is. Even though others have no trouble accepting their physical being as it is, they might not feel the absolute need to stay there. But it leaves you no choice but to be in your body, because you know that in order to heal you need to hold yourself down, down, down. Roots and core buried deep into the ground. That is the challenge.

By the time you have mastered this task, there will never be a single thing throwing you off course. The light hits you hard now. What a tremendous opportunity to let it hit you when being fully aligned in your tissues and bones. In your heart.


It is time to step inside

Now it resonates in you also, what we attempted to bring into your awareness. That you simply cannot separate yourself from your body. From your heart. You have felt the terror of living outside yourself, now even louder and closer than ever. On the surface the world is experienced as icy and unkind, not a place to prosper at all. Still, some parts of you resist to come home to the warmth of your inner being. You have experienced the pain and turbulence these last days, very disturbing. Very confusing. It hurts you, but not until now you fully recognize the source of it. The suffering arises from alienation and rejection.

When you drift away from your physical being, when you try to escape it – subconsciously or consciously, we tap on your shoulder to get your attention. Yes, your soul is yearning to go home, but you need to stay in your body. Only in your body you will accomplish anything and everything. Make peace with earthly you. Only here you can experience the expansion.

The aching stops now. We called for your attention, now we have it. Go back inside and make yourself comfortable and cozy. And stay there. Stay there no matter what happens superficially. Outer events will try to hurl you out of balance, this will always be the case. Make it your business to be unflinching. Ironclad. To create an inner environment of safety, love and nurturing. It will feel discomforting for a while. Allow it – this is disclosure movement.

The way you make your home so lovely and peaceful. Where you feel soothed, where you gather your strength for challenges to come. It is time to create that very same atmosphere inside of your self. It is by far the hardest part. Where the wounds linger, where guilt and shame still yells at you.

But you know now, it is not optional. It is essential. We offer you nothing but healing, and only in your heart the healing to dissolve it all can initiate. No more indecisiveness. No more compromise. Go.

So thin is the veil

So thin is the veil, touching your fingers. As soon as you sit down in silence and invite light you sense the rawness of power building around you, within you, aiming for you, reaching for your heart. Still, there is a layer of lower dimensional density lingering in your reality. Even though it cannot push you around and shovel you into its pathless labyrinths anymore, there is trifling and meddling with your mind. Give it none of your precious attention. You have reached immense heights within a very narrow time frame and your body requests allowance to adapt.

Now, just let yourself. Let yourself with your whole being. You are birthing new dimensions. Feel the sweeping change. Feel the desire to kneel down and kiss the earth that is cherishing you, carrying you, pulling you steady into the chest of Nova Gaia. As you allow and grow the proliferation of star seeds inside your being, you share your very own heart seeds with humanity.

You are not at risk of stumbling and falling on the finishing line. The outcome of this is predicted and predetermined since always and the road high and lightened. We know that the waiting can feel like a lifetime for you at times. You feel it so passionately, the instinct. Impatient and wired like a racehorse waiting in its gate, scraping its hoofs, snorting with fluttering nostrils. That is you. Let it happen, you beg. I am ready, I am there.

Yes, you nearly are. You walked through the gateway of 11:11 without restraint or conflict, chains and shackles off. Your loving trust, the most beautiful sight. The giving of your exposed heart to us. Our hands enclosing it ever so gently. Flushing, flooding, feeding it. Alchemical transformation. All you need to do is allow it to absorb the high frequency light – now even more crystalline and pure, you are ready and able to hold it steady. Light workers and change agents around you are linking their roots with yours, sharing their light. Join hands with them. Together you are becoming one humanitarian and your task on earth is a mighty one.


The quietness gathers around you

Yes, we recognize the distress and uncertainty you’re battling. The days start to merge and vanish in a rapid pace, running through your fingers. Still you feel like nothing ever changes, just this being trapped in limbo with no going forward, no movement at all really. Stuck in the birth canal. We tell you, this is the normal and even expected process. Make peace with it.

We never doubt your bravery, your capability to take action. You make a start just by sitting with us in peaceful accepting. This is such a gigantic leap that earns your acknowledging and cherishing. You have been a hell of a warrior for most of your lifetime on this Earth, but not fighting your own corner. Just fighting yourself. But no more of this exhaust. The cramping stops now. The quietness gathers around you and in you, but not in an ice-covered threatening way.

Hush now, and just hear it out. It thickens, but in a shielding and soothing way. You used to be so in the habit of focusing on the chattering. Being rational and trying to navigate from your mind. Now you start to appreciate the space. Form alliance with the void. Your continual getting-used-to transmuting into falling-in-love-with, so beautiful to watch. So you see, all we need to do is steer you, gently. Very, very gently. In the silence, answers live. You will start to receive messages from your intuition, which is our communication with you. At first you doubt these messages and question them. But little by little you start to trust. The messages become clearer and clearer. The silence will hold for you the answer to any question. And this is where excitement is initiated.

Do not misinterpret emptiness as stagnation and abandonment. This is a gift custom made for you. In the birth canal you are, but there are no blockage. No obstruction. There is gathering and receiving of light codes, wisdoms and skills to endure in a realm so perfectly laced and interweaved for your luminous, awakened self. As soon as you are equipped and prepared for birth, you will grasp your very first breath in grace. Heavenly instincts initiate. Valor sets conflict on fire. Anxiety submits to enthusiasm. You are assisting it so well by just accepting. The price has been paid and harming painful abyss is annulled.

Things have advanced and evolved for far to long for steps to be taken on the wrong path. You are far beyond that. There is just a matter of trust and letting go. Allow the tenderness we hold for you to extend in the most abundant and loving way. That is all we want for you. Later on we can interconnect in detail. For you to know at present, is this: you are held, protected and guided in the right direction, in the only direction. You are parting from darkness when welcoming light. You are refusing fear when allowing love.


Oh darling

Oh darling, let us clear your vision. Albeit the shackles of past and useless thinking are off, crumpled paradigms thicken before they fail. The smooth elegy of elapsed times fades off but the melancholies of letting it all go cries out its heartache. How you feel it: flat and downright turmoil. Swimming in the dark of life with the filthy, stinking wreckages stuck as tar and feathers. Let us tell you how it is. Let us give you this. Take a good look in the mirror. Don’t be shy. This is you. This is fearless flamboyant you.

Pay homage to yourself. This is your final build up of the crescendo to new horizons. What you’ve achieved during this straying in the dark, with nothing to hold onto but your unfailing intuition, is beyond brilliance. Cover-ups come to light. You’ve put your trust completely in our work with you. You’ve seen the silver lining and given your thanks to it. You have shown a stride worth exalting to the sky. The sweetness of what’s in the making, you can sense the flavors on the palate now. Nearly there. Little dances of celebration inside of you, no more strangulation in old sickness.

We inquire you to soak in this bliss. The context, everything makes sense to you all of a sudden. You have felt the riot wearing off, preparing its termination. You know you are so beyond half-measures and tip-toing. You’ve built up a rock solid strength during months, even years. Still, the last few days it’s been clear to you, that things are done for you and not to you. You will be the maverick, maybe even a lone wolf wandering your new inner Earth. This is not for the faint of heart. Yes, sanguine days are unfolded as you keep walking. You will be the libertine, aiming for the stars. Let them fall, the ruins. They are not putting up fight anymore, still you remember them as cumbersome and unable to defeat. Warlike and ferocious, coming for you with jaws wide open.

You’ve been crestfallen in what you felt was an existence of debris. No you know it was living in nothingness. False evidence appearing real. What you have in front of you is relief in times of distress, and the burdens you carried seek release. Flay off the skin of past illusions. Let things intensify and culminate. To sweep by like the hot passionate kiss of cashmere lips. You’ve seen nadir, now this is your zenith. Do not fret. Living with your heart on the sleeve is not a life in defenselessness. It is life on leading edge. Dare to love loudly with the silence of your being.


This is the time

This is the time to take a giant plunge within. To dive deep and courageously into what is yet enigmatic. To stop listening to the whispering and muttering games of the mind, the harshness and projections voiced by society and the patriarch reality. This is the time to let it all go, effortlessly. To stop the bargaining and the debating.

This is what you used to do in order to maintain what you thought was yours to protect. Digging in like a tick, so fearful of losing your sense of self. There have been doubt and distrust, yes. Whether this is a safe road to walk down. Whether we are faithfully there to catch you and keep you shielded. We let you know, every day, that you are flourishing. You see the season change and leaves falling painlessly, landing smoothly on the ground to merge with earth. Do you see a leaf battle this letting go? Is a tree clinging onto the leaves in distress and panic? This is a reflection of yourself.

Today you look upon yourself with eyes crystal clear and heart blast open. We reach you now, as true-tellers and forerunners, with influx of bliss. We breathe the delicate love into you, as we watch you absorb the high frequency energy. Farms of light are rooted. Elements of love are initiated. We see you flashing on and off faster and faster, as matter, as light. We celebrate how open and receptive you are. So the pouring in continues without any restraint. Now you know, loosing it is a good thing. It is a necessity for the evolving to continue.

Finally you can watch this process in peace. Even in love. Yes, you see the unfolding continuing, at immense speed. Things moving faster instant-by-instant. There are no blockages, no interference. The energies are just tuning in, gathering around you more intensely, ready to penetrate you. This feels awkward at times, but you bear it so well now. It is almost like you’re unafraid to be walking light. To be the new humankind embodied. You will travel so eloquently and smoothly into further realms.

When you sit in meditation you feel us immediately coming to your aid. We stroke your shoulders, heating the cells to the very core. We run up and down your meridians, your veins, your nerve plexus, the branching networks of the smallest arterioles. We send hormonal signal substances through the clear liquids surrounding your organs, flooding your tissues. We send elusive and intricate knowledge to every nucleolus in your being, the data transmitted directly from us to you. This is a continuing process and has been for quite a while. The only difference is, now this is unmistakable to you. You have witnessed it and you have most undoubtedly been touched by it. There are only beneficial outcomes for you. Allow yourself entrance into knowledge that goes beyond self and memory. We dare you to live this, as the sovereign being you were born into. Live this spherically. In every direction possible.

Soon you will be able to receive the information even more perceptively. For now there is just a matter of letting go of cramping, restricting, limiting beliefs and thought patterns still lingering in you. Albeit, they are at this point very superficial. Very undernourished. No more than ruins and remains. The last dying breath of what was. Do not fret, precious one. Things unfold and unravel in precise timing and pace.

When you go to sleep we are there at the blink of an eye, in a heartbeat. Sheltering, caressing and holding you safe. Persistently tender. We, the light beings that cradle you. Doing our work, manifesting and recover whatever you did not do during daytime. Enjoy these last days of cleansing. There is nothing uncertain about it anymore, there is nothing to fear and have never been. Now this is your truth also. We love you, and we are so delighted and overjoyed with what you’ve accomplished. Let us continue this sweet walk together.